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W for Worthy. The A to Z of Conscious Living

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We are worthy of a life of abundance in all areas. We deserve everything we could wish for.

So many of us really don’t feel we are worthy of anything. Give us praise and we shun it. Give us a compliment and we are embarrassed by it. Where does this feeling of unworthiness come from? We certainly weren’t born with it and even as a child we relished in the praise, attention, applaud and never thought for one minute we weren’t worthy of it all. As with everything else we wouldn’t choose, feeling unworthy or undeserving comes from our Script.

As a child my journey with not feeling good about myself started early. I was always looking for praise and confirmation that I was good. Often it seemed it just wasn’t good enough and whatever I did to please with good intention ended up being something I did wrong. Our young experiences are the foundation of our worthiness and what we in later life come to believe we deserve.

We do deserve it all. We are each worthy of sharing in all that the Universe has to offer, yet our beliefs often stop us short of claiming it.

Every person is deserving of love. However if we can’t find it in us to love ourselves, then we find it hard to accept the love from others unconditionally. We question the reasons why others love us, like us, praise us, compliment us, and we question their motives, all because they see something in us that we can’t. We don’t see our true selves, the beauty we each hold and the love that comes from our soul. Instead we believe we are at some level worthless and fundamentally flawed.

Know that this isn’t the real you. In S for Script we learn that this is just what others in our lives have led us to believe, either consciously or not, and when we go back and remember who we really are we can connect again to that child who felt deserving of it all

In V for Values we spoke about the feelings we are after and the rules around those feelings we seek. What has to happen for you to value yourself as you are right now, to see yourself as deserving of everything you wish for, and to allow yourself to feel that right now with no conditions.
If you hear yourself saying things like “I will feel worthy of my dreams when… “ then become aware that your conditional acceptance of yourself is the very thing that’s between you and a life full of everything you could wish for.

You are worthy.

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Until next time,

Alfie X

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  1. What a beautifully put reminder, Nadine. We don’t need to earn worthiness, it was there all along. We just unlearned it.
    Harriet Stack recently posted…Sailing between tropical islandsMy Profile

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