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R for Rewards. The A to Z of Conscious Living

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What are the rewards for conscious living?

I mean, why bother?

Sometimes I feel that living in the land of the sub-conscious is a much easier life. Society tells you what to do, how to think, when and how to react to situations and you can be much more accepted by those around you if you just fit in. Whereas putting yourself out there and talking about Waking Up, Energy, Humpty etc can lead to a bit of isolation with your peer group, family, colleagues and all your ‘friends’ on Facebook who just think you’ve gone a bit loopy talking about all this weird stuff. The need to ‘fit in’ is a strong pull at times and it can be the one thing that stops us from living life more consciously.

However the rewards for living a conscious life are phenomenal, and if I could choose just one reward it would be remembering who I really am. Getting to know my real self again, what I really think and feel about things, how I would choose to respond to others, what it’s like to really feel love and knowing I have the ability to choose my behaviour and beliefs to serve me.

It’s a challenge to really sum it up, however ALFIE puts it this way:

AWAKEN to this human experience that we have been given. We are not on this planet to simply survive and make it to the next day. We are here to have an experience and we can only truly fulfil that when we wake up and start living life with our eyes wide open and with full awareness. It takes courage to wake up and face the amazing possibility for our lives and dare to believe we are not who we think we are.

LOVE from the heart and soul of our being, the fuel for our energy and what we seek to feel the most. When we let it free it becomes a powerful energy source for us and everyone in our path. When we come from a place of love in everything we do, all we say and in every encounter with another, we raise the vibration of our souls energy to the highest level and attract an abundance of good things back to its source; our lives.

FREEDOM to fly and to shine because we yearn for the freedom from what keeps us limited in the reality we have created. We want to be free to experience a life of possibility and unlimited opportunity, and be free to shine our light so we can see our real selves and give others a light to do the same. Darkness doesn’t go away, it just cannot be seen when we shine.

IGNITE the passion and our power to choose. We are at cause, not effect, of our reality. Igniting our flame lights up our soul and our passion to live as fully as possible, and away from our self-created boundaries, allowing the love to flow through us and being awake for the first time in our lives. Living a life with real choice in every moment makes way for an amazing journey and we get to live it.

EXPAND our consciousness, self and soul. We are all connected as one, and together we create all that is. The ultimate realisation of our purpose on earth and our journey’s fulfilment. We are energy and we cannot ever not be.

We don’t need to be fixed, we just need to be found. Remembering who we really are is the greatest reward.

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Until next time,

Alfie X

One Comment to "R for Rewards. The A to Z of Conscious Living"

  1. Beautiful and from the heart. We do just need to be us and to take the time to explore who we are.

    It’s an adventure – that’s for sure. Glad to be on it with you.
    Jacqui Malpass recently posted…Rock your brand with a bookMy Profile

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