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For Love or Money

for love or money

An insane Idea. Who needs sane ideas anymore ?  Sane ideas really don’t make the necessary shift in perspective we need to evolve.

We need a global shift in conscious thinking which means breaking away from the programmed thinking that we are hit with day after day from society in a variety of media; TV, Government policies, big corporates that find it difficult to change direction, everyone else that are just concerned with getting our hard earned cash…

Awaken people, let’s think for ourselves. Let’s think and feel from our hearts and not the script.

What am I going on about?

I am re-reading ‘Think And Grow Rich’, an epic book and one that still stands the test of time even though written in 1930 s.  But it is perpetuating the idea that being rich is what we are all after…

The principles are sound; vibrational energy, thoughts are things, think your dreams into existence with determined desire for what you want. But the rich bit?  I understand the intention was about abundance in whatever form that you desire – abundance of love, happiness whatever. At the time the rich thing was probably not so ‘in your face’ as it is today. I am getting sick and tired of reading stuff that tells me unless I am rich then I am a failure  / not yet successful / need to do more with my life etc.

Ok the cynical in you are probably thinking that it’s just because I am not rich that I have this adverse reaction. How do you know I am not rich ? I’ve had a pretty successful career and have done the ‘buy the next shiny thing to make me happy’ plan which was fun but not sustainable in a happiness way.

Let’s turn this around.

Being successful to me means being able to spend my time on the things that are important  to me. Spending time looking after me, my health, my son, my family first and foremost and then taking care of business, yet reading this book again got me all fired up to dedicate my life to a money making desire, it got me to think about wanting more money, wealth and fame etc (yes I have been influenced and bought into this consumerism plan in the past too),  and I started to recall the beliefs I previously had that we need all the things we are told we need to get that FEELING of success. Thankfully I now have a higher level of consciousness and was quickly able to become aware of what was happening.

I know through many decades of experience that if I don’t put the things that are important to me first then it all really doesn’t matter.  Yes I know I can do it all, have the cake and eat it, if I want that, I can realise my dreams, which I do on a regular basis,. The thing that sticks with me is this push for money = success.

What about a loving hug from your non-verbal son and maybe a gesture of love for the very first time = success.

What about helping a young man feel self worth for the very first time in his life and seeing him become aware that his life is actually worth living now = success.

The principles of success are ageless. Vibrational energy and thoughts becoming things are all well established practices of getting what we want.

Yes it does include money, because without it life can be tough. But please let’s move on now from all the self help books, e-books, webinars, training programmes that still push this antiquated idea that success only comes from making shit loads of money.

Let’s grow, let’s evolve and move that on now to another realm.

How about success only comes from giving a shit load of love? And the rest naturally follows. 

Alfie x

One Comment to "For Love or Money"

  1. Agreed. Being rich is doing what we love and loving who we love. Money is a tool, not an end.
    A-Z Challenge partner, Christine London here—just dropping by to see if the madness has yet set in (even before we begin) What is “A” for? Hmm…
    Hope to see you around the A-Z April world.

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