Whats It All About ALFIE

The ALFIE Course

Alfie Flower 2Your journey into conscious living starts here.

A six month journey exploring the meaning of your life.

Raise your conscious awareness and see the world in a new and exciting perspective.

The ALFIE Course is a series of 6 monthly sessions as a small group of like-spirited people. Sharing our stories, shifting our thinking and exploring what is truly possible for each one of us.

You will be held and supported in a nurturing space and create bonds through the safe opening of hearts to reveal what treasures lie inside. Discovering gifts you always had yet never knew were yours.

You will finish the course with a new way of being that will transform the way you live your life and interact with others, and be suprised by the ease you attract what you want to you.


During our journey together we will explore and discover for each of us:

Our Scripts. Strategies to recognise our scripts and step out of them with ease.

Our Identities. Who have we been and who we really are.

Our Reality. Being at cause, not effect, of our lives and our experiences.

Our Love. Connecting to our heart and soul and learning to live from that place more often.

Our Being. Living every moment with peace, gratitude and acceptance.

Our Shields. Protecting our energies beyond the circumstances we find ourselves in.


Each session takes place in Penarth, South Wales and the next course starts in October 2015.

For further information please email alfie@whatsitallaboutalfie.co.uk


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