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The Journey Into Conscious Living… 

AWAKEN to this human experience.

We need to wake up and start living life with our eyes wide open and with full awareness. As we grow in age we continue to write the script of our lives that we play out on this stage. It is this script that we allow to govern our human experience and so limits us too. The beliefs we learn, the rules we program in and the values we take on to give us our identity all define us as we seek to find out who we really are.

In carving out that design we also limit ourselves to living within those boundaries we have created. And those boundaries feel safe. They contain us and give us some certainty in what otherwise could be an experience too overwhelming.  But this is also what sends us to sleep through our life.

It takes courage to see this, to wake up and face the amazing possibility for our lives and dare to believe we are not who we think we are.

LOVE from the heart and soul of our being.

Love is at the core of our beings, the fuel for our energy and what we seek to feel the most. It is the eye of the tornado and when we let it free it becomes a powerful energy source for all in its path. When we come from a place of love in everything we do, all we say and in every encounter with another, we raise the vibration of our souls energy to the highest level and attract an abundance of good things back to its source; our lives.

Love is what we are looking for the most, mainly externally to ourselves, yet it lies wthin us all the time beckoning to be set free.

FREEDOM to fly and shine.

We yearn for the freedom from what keeps us limited in the reality we have created. Freedom from the script we ourselves have written and freedom from the boundaries of our existence to experience a life of possibility and unlimited abundance. Freedom to live with uncertainty and allow ourselves to expand.

With freedom we remove what’s blocking our light so we can shine and see our real selves. We give others a light to do the same. Darkness doesn’t go away, it just cannot be seen when we shine.

 IGNITE the passion 

We are responsible for our experience and we have the power to choose. We are at cause, not effect, of our reality. Igniting the flame lights up our soul and our passion to live as fully as possible, free from our self-created boundaries, allowing the love to flow through us and being awake for the first time in our lives.

Living a life with real choice in every moment makes way for an amazing journey and we get to live it. Choosing literally means we can access any feeling we desire at any moment we desire it.

EXPAND consciousness, self and mind.

We are all connected as one, and together we create all that is.

The ultimate realisation of life on earth and journey’s fulfilment. We are energy and we cannot ever not be.


For details on the next ALFIE Course running, please click here and begin your own journey into conscious living.

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