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So you want a nice life?

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At many times during our lives we think about what we want, what goals we want to set and what type of lifestyle we want to lead. I would suggest that not many of us, if any, actually dream of struggle, of challenges and of misfortune.

Yet very often it is the struggles and challenges that actually give us the opportunities for greater things. Instead we opt for dreams that involve having a nice life, an easy time of things, an achievement of a great goal or having things to make us happy.

The Universe knows that your plans for a nice life won’t give you the full experience of life. What will take you to the edge of your comfort zone and allow you to grow, what will challenge you to see life with a new perspective, what will give you the fullest feelings of happiness, love, excitement, fulfilment and ultimately enlightenment.

You are on this earth as a spiritual being having a human experience and your purpose in life is simple (as it is for us all) and it’s to make the most of it, live it to capacity, contribute to the greater good to help leave it in a better place then when you came and to experience as much as you can on the journey back home.

And you will be challenged. Those that rise to their challenges are rewarded with amazing personal growth and awareness, and the more we become aware the more consciously we can live.

So while you create plans for your nice life and easy going journey, just remember that the Universe knows best and the every challenge you face is because you are meant for greater things.

Alfie x

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