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J for Joy. The A to Z of Conscious Living

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Pure joy. The ultimate feel good feeling for me, and one which I know I cannot reach unless I am wide awake and living life consciously. In fact the higher my consciousness, the higher the joy I am able to feel.

When I talk about a higher consciousness I am referring to the fact that when I am living consciously I see things with a different perspective, like wearing different glasses that let me see the things I couldn’t see before. There is a fabulous quote that sums this up:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

In fact changing our perspective is really the only way we have any control of situations that we may wish to change, but have no influence to do so physically. So if I can’t change ‘what is’, I change my attitude toward it instead. Soon that new perspective becomes the new ‘norm’ and from that place I can continue to raise my consciousness and experience even greater control over my world.

With each new level of consciousness, new things appear in my life that I just didn’t see or appreciate for what they were before. It’s like riding up a floor in an elevator and each time the door opens new opportunities present themselves, and the level of joy I feel elevates too

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Until next time,

Alfie X

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  1. What a great post and and important subject. I can’t believe I lived so long without understanding that I am walking around with the capacity to feel joy when I choose. It’s not a matter of waiting for things to make me happy, but a simple case of deciding to find joy in life and particularly in simple things. What you say about perspective is so, so important too. I love this xxx
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