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P for Pearls. The A to Z of Conscious Living

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You will find more pearls when you go pearl diving.

Similarly you will find more trouble when you go looking for that too. It’s a simple case of what we set our radar on to search out in our everyday life. If we want to see the best in people we will see it, if we want to find the silver lining in a situation we will find it, and if we want to spot all the flaws in ourselves, guess what, we get to find them too.

Our energy flows where focus goes. It’s a simple law of the Universe that whatever we pay attention to will be attracted back into our lives as if we had wished for it. For those people who are always saying things like “bad things always happen to me” or “I always seem to attract trouble”, there is a simple explanation of why these statements are so correct. We attract all that we focus on.

Why do you think there is so much positive attitude training with sports people? Their coaches know that when they think about winning, when they can visualise the moment when they come first and when they repeat those thoughts and visualisations over and over again, they are training their mind to believe it is reality and that is what gives them their competitive advantage.

In our everyday lives it works exactly the same way. Think of it as a radar on the top of your head scanning the world around you for all the things it is set to find. Radar’s don’t pick up everything, only that for which they are programmed, and that programming of our personal radar is set by our expectations and our constant thinking.

Mother Theresa knew this. It is documented that when she was asked to go on a War Rally she refused. She knew that by giving thought (energy) to war it would exacerbate the situation not help it. She said “invite me on a peace rally and I will come”

Every day, in fact every moment there is ‘cause and effect’ happening. There is a reason why something happens, and what happens. Many people live at the ‘effect’ end, in other words waiting for things to be caused to happen to them. When we raise our consciousness we become the creator of what happens to us by moving to the ‘cause’ end of the equation.

In Broadband Consciousness this is known as the ‘Sausage Machine’, and it described like this.

When you put pork into a sausage machine you will get a pork sausage out.
When you put beef into a sausage machine you will get a beef sausage out.
So what do we need to put into the sausage machine to get a lamb sausage out?
Lamb! Yes.
So, using that analogy for the life we experience, what do we need to put into our sausage machine to get happiness out?
Happiness of course!.
What do we need to put in to get positivity, optimism, good luck and attract all the things we really want to experience in our life?
So why do we think that if we put ‘miserable old git’ into our sausage machine every day we will get anything other than misery out?

It’s a very simple formula that explains exactly how life works.

Whatever the situation we find ourselves in every day and moment of our lives, if we go looking for the Pearls we can be assured to find them.

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Until next time,

Alfie X

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  1. mmmm what to put in my sausages…. I love this idea of using a sausage machine to create better thoughts.

    As an aside Pearls – always makes me think of The Pearl Fishers (Bizet), which my mum used to play and filled us all up. I always think of her when I hear it.
    Jacqui Malpass recently posted…Purposeful, passionate books change livesMy Profile

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