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H for Heart. The A to Z of Conscious Living

A to Z HHeart (and Humpty)

Our heart works in the background keeping us alive. It’s not something we have to think about, in fact if we had to keep ourselves alive consciously, we wouldn’t last very long on this earth.

There are many things our body does so incredibly well that we often take it for granted. At a conscious level we do not know how to keep our bodies alive. We don’t know how to beat our hearts, turn the food we eat into fuel, keep nasty things out and healthy things in, and we don’t know how to renew our cells, grow our nails or fight disease. Yes we may have learnt how all that works however the actual functions are taken care of for us at another level that isn’t conscious.

The heart is said to be our soul. It symbolises love and from love we come into existence. I choose to believe that we are our true selves at our soul (at heart) and that our bodies are the vehicles we have been given for us to have this human experience. In E for Energy I spoke about us being just a mass of energy and as energy can never not be, we are eternal in our soul. Spiritual beings having a human experience. Our bodies may be the vehicle that as time goes on grow old in age and eventual die, yet our souls as the core of our energetic selves moves on. I understand that this belief may not be shared by everyone, and I am not going to go into any religion here. It is simply my belief that I choose because it serves me to do so.

That brings me to Humpty. I will refer back to Richard Wilkins here and tell you the story of Humpty. Richard and Liz are the founders of Broadband Consciousness and regularly run their flagship BC course for a small group of people. On one particular course Richard was talking about energy and the Universe and mentioned God. Someone on the course had an issue with Richard saying that. He really didn’t like any mention of God and asked Richard not to use it again. He complied and said he wouldn’t. After some reflection Richard asked him if he any problem with Humpty. From that day Humpty has become to represent for me any greater or higher self than you that you choose. For some it is God, for others it is another religious figurehead, and for me it is simply the Universe which I see as the collection of all that is within it, including ourselves.

When we are living more consciously and wide awake, we can be guided by our heart and soul. When we are choosing we connect to the Universe (see C for Choosing and Cosmic google) to tap into the abundance of resources available to us, and then connect to our hearts to know what is right for us, what would give us the real feelings we seek and be guided by our intuition from that place to make our choice.

Knowing that I am supported by this at all times, I feel safe knowing Humpty has my back. In whatever I am doing, and any situation I feel a little uncomfortable in, I simply stop, breathe, and connect to the Universal energy for guidance, and then connect to my heart for the intuition to know what to say or do. This is a key part of living consciously. The other way of course is to simply react to our situation without any thought or reflection, trust in our auto-pilot response to repeat all the patterns from before in how we behave – the trouble with that is that we will always get what we’ve always got, and we end up doing things that don’t make us feel proud.

I believe that over time and generations we really have lost the ability to feel from our heart, and society nowadays values more thinking from our heads. There is a place for thinking of course, however in balance with trusting our hearts response too. Our soul is desperately trying to communicate with us from that place in our hearts and too often we are just not listening.
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Until next time,

Alfie X

2 Comments to "H for Heart. The A to Z of Conscious Living"

  1. I love the idea – egg shaped in blue pants and yellow vest has my back. Or is that just how my Humpty looks to me…

    Perhaps we could ask Humpty to sit inside of us in our heart space – then at least you would be smiling.
    Jacqui Malpass recently posted…Glorious GobbledegookMy Profile

  2. I alternate between God, Higher Power and Universe, depending on function. I didn’t mean to make it complicated; it’s just how my spiritual path has changed over time. But Humpty is a very good option as well, especially for those who find the more traditional language a little uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing this!
    Harriet Stack recently posted…Sight seeing and the magical memory tour to find my old homeMy Profile

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