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L for Let It Go. The A to Z of Conscious Living

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Let It Go

L is also for Love, however having spoken about love in H for Heart and Humpty, I took the opportunity to have L for Let It Go.

‘Let it go’ was my mantra quite a few years ago now as I started my journey to conscious living. Quite simply it served me whenever I felt too attached to the outcome of things, and it was a relief to just let it go and allow whatever was meant to happen, just happen.

I must say it is definitely an easier way of living, but one that I was not conditioned to and I suspect not many others are either. Letting go is not about not caring about the outcome, but rather setting an intention or a goal, taking the actions to make it happen and putting in place all the things that are needed to succeed. Then to detach yourself, let go and simply go with the flow allowing the path you set to take its course, continuing to take action as needed but not getting stressed out with your happiness entirely dependent on the outcome.

Letting go is NOT giving up or giving in. It is simply allowing the outcome to be what it will be, and being ok with that.

The fear of failure often pops up when letting go, as we think that if we don’t actually succeed in what we are working towards, even if it isn’t the right thing after all, then we will be ‘seen’ as failing. When living consciously we can see that failure is very much a part of living. Those that avoid it are living half asleep and dare never to do anything that would make them come alive. A great quote from Michael Jordan the basketball player sums up failure for what it really is:

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot, and missed. I’ve failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.”

In fact there is no failure, there is only feedback and getting back on track.

Letting go can require a lot of faith in whatever you put your trust in. With my trust firmly placed with Humpty I can be assured that if it isn’t meant to be then that’s where Devine intervention will assure that I do get back on track. So whatever happens, it will be the perfect outcome in the end.

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Until next time,

Alfie X

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  1. I love this: ‘Letting go is not giving up or giving in.’ I think it is often confused. Thank you for explaining so clearly. Also what you say about failure is important, and I especially like the Michael Jordan quote. What a great way to remember something so crucial.
    Harriet Stack recently posted…BelongingMy Profile

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