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Someone told me I was delusional. I almost fell off my Unicorn.

That quote always makes me smile. I love the idea and fantasy of living out my dreams that others would say are unrealistic. Well, where would we be today if it wasn’t for many others before us having ‘unrealistic’ dreams like equal rights for all, people flying in machines, communicating instantaneously across the world, and so much more.

Dreams are what we are made for. To find our passions and create a reality in the future for us to follow our purpose and have our dreams come true. To keep pushing at our comfort zones to have the life experience we came here for.

When people talk of goals these days it’s always about them having to be ‘achievable and realistic’. I really don’t like that SMART acronym at all. When we think about our dreams they have to be somewhat unrealistic in our minds at the time else they are not dreams. When we water them down to be ‘achievable’ goals they lose their magic and the motivation to go after ‘less than truly desirable’ dreams does not inspire us. This quickly dampens our quest and we quit before we start.

We need to be dreaming big, setting inspirational goals that get us emotional (e-motion is movement) so that we dare to live at the edge of our comfort zone and face our challenges to get what we want.

There is a balance between wanting to achieve our goals and dreams, and also being ok with how things are today, right now in the present time. When some talk about goals it often comes with the pre-supposition that things have to change as the current situation is not ok. However, things are ok right now (even if they are not ok, it’s ok) and our dreams are simply our sat nav on our continuing journey highlighting the paths to take.

Dreaming big can also be met with some fear of what if we don’t get there. As Les Brown once said “Aim for the moon, because even if you miss you will land among the stars”.

If you could dream big or dream small, what would you choose?

I know where my dreams are taking me, and I have my trusty Unicorn to carry me.

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Until next time,

Alfie X

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