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F for Feelings. The A to Z of Conscious Living

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Our only real goal in life is to feel good and feel proud of ourselves.

Often we think of goals as more material things, like a new home or car, or maybe a new job or promotion. Often our goals are focused on other areas of our life like relationships or our personal appearance or health. There are so many things we think we need to do and to achieve before we can say we are successful and feel good.

But where do feelings come from? In the above list are all external things that you may think are what makes you feel what you want to feel. Yet, feelings themselves come from within us. So why do we often live our lives thinking “I’ll be happy when… “, or “I’ll feel good about myself if… “

I call this conditional happiness, which the majority of our society has bought into. Certainly the consumerism society has, as we are told time and time again to “buy this car and be happy”, “use this face cream and be beautiful and that will make you happy” and the list goes on. If you look at any commercial advert these days you can see the emotional hook they are looking to get us with to buy their stuff, and do you know what? It kinda works… that’s why they keep doing it.

But if we are living consciously it loses its grip. When we awake to this we can clearly see that while a new mobile phone will make us feel wonderful for a while, it isn’t the road to sustained happiness.

Our feelings tell us all we need to know about how life is for us at any time, and for as long as we believe that external forces create any of the feelings within us, we will be trapped and living half asleep in sub-conscious land. Living consciously however changes all that and puts us clearly in the driving seat of all our emotions and feelings. When we are awake we know that all our feelings come from within, and when we choose, we can access any one of them to give us the experience we are after.

Now does that mean that living consciously is the answer to continued lifelong bliss, happiness and never will we have a negative emotion again? No, not at all. Even when living at a higher state of consciousness there will be days when we are challenged, pushed, and access those less than desired feelings that we simply can’t seem to choose our way out of. At these times there is something else at play which we will cover in S for Script. However, living consciously does provide more of the happy emotions, and gives us a way to deal with the others too.

Our feelings are always with us. All of them lie within us just waiting to be called upon. They create the all the experiences we have. Learning to choose which ones we want to use and move away from the auto-pilot reactive way of feeling is part of the journey to living at a higher level of consciousness.

When we are awake, our feelings intensify for a better life experience.

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Until next time,

Alfie X


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