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We are all just energy. Vibrating at different frequencies we are simply a mass of energy and together we create all that is.

Quantum Physics has now proved that while we are made up of atoms, those atoms are in themselves just pure energy. So each one of us is a mass of energy interacting with other masses of energy in a world that we create together which is a bigger mass of energy made up of all things within it. So what on earth has that got to do with living consciously?

In Blog C for Choosing and Cosmic Google, I mentioned the fact that we need to be connected so we can ‘download’ new and creative thoughts and ideas to inspire and motivate us. Broadband Consciousness is about us tapping into ‘cosmic google’ to access all the possibilities and opportunities there are out there in the greater Universe, and while the computer accesses google via the internet, our connection is with the higher energy source that we came from which we can access when we reach a higher state of conscious living.

I am not talking about any religion here (read more about this in H is for Heart and Humpty). I am talking about the Universe itself of which we are an energetic part, and together with everything else on the planet that vibrates as energy we are integral to this Universe.

And it’s the Universe that holds everything we could ever wish to know, learn, feel, think and have. So isn’t it great that we can get a clear connection from us whenever we need to – and that is tapping into Cosmic Google through our consciousness (that’s gone broadband).

Let’s bring this back to earth for a moment.

When I write, I start with not knowing what it is that will come out from the keyboard onto my screen. Even as I am writing this now, I have no idea of the words to come in the next sentence. I have an idea in my mind about the concept I want to get across or the story I want to tell, yet I really don’t know what I will write until I write. It’s as if I am being dictated to and my fingers tap out the words as they come into my mind. I choose to believe that when I write I am in a state of high consciousness, very aware, awake and noticing all around me, and in that state I have tapped into the Universal source which guides me to write the words to convey my message.

When we are living fully awake, we can experience times like this more often. The moments that suddenly give you a thought or idea that literally ‘pop’ into your mind about the situation you are thinking about, and guides you to a solution. We believe we need to ‘think hard’ about solutions to our problems, and yet the most effective way is to allow those solutions to come to us. The secret is though is to be in that receiving state and that can only happen when you are ‘connected’ and awake (living consciously).

Energy is what we are, and we cannot survive alone, so we connect with other energies, typically those that are vibrating at similar frequencies as ‘like attracts like’. That means that as humans we are mainly attracted to others that hold the same outlook on life and values. People who generally have a positive outlook will attract others that have positive thoughts, and similarly negative people do the same. This then perpetuates in the groups and communities we hang out in, supporting the continuation of the way we are with the world. Waking up and living consciously though, allows us to be aware of this and consciously choose.

The topic of energy is just so fascinating, and as we begin to understand it more, we begin to uncover some of the mysteries of life. The one thing that has completely changed my own outlook on life and death is this fact:

Energy never dies, and so as energy we can never not be.

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Until next time,

Alfie X


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  1. I find this topic so interesting, particularly because I live with an energy-limiting condition. Today I drove out into the countryside and stood in the middle of fields, breathing in the space and beauty, and felt energised by the connection with my surroundings. Really helped me to do my job well this afternoon!
    Harriet Stack recently posted…Finally – Malaysian soil!My Profile

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